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Intrepid Nepal goes GREEN!

Intrepid Nepal has installed solar panels at its facilities to power backup system to....


Intrepid Nepal
4th Floor Swaraj Sadan,
Prasuti Griha Marg,
Thapathali -11,
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4101501/4251590


Antibody & Antigen Detection

  • Immuno-Chromotography
    Rapid Kits based on immuno chromatography or lateral flow technology Over 99% concurrent to standard ELISA kits Easy Screening Tool Visualization through Quantitative Multi Reader for objective results
    Industry Standard Certified ELISA test for various pathogen detection

Genomics Detection (Molecular Diagnostics)

  • Regular PCR
    Full amplification of DNA/RNA through PCR technology for various pathogens
  • QPCR (Real Time)
    Sensitive & quantitative detection of various pathogens through real time PCR amplification