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Intrepid Nepal
4th Floor Swaraj Sadan,
Prasuti Griha Marg,
Thapathali -11,
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4101501/4251590


Research & Training

  • Intrepid Nepal works closely with the Center of Molecular Dynamics- Nepal (CMDN) on various epidemiological research studies.
  • Intrepid Nepal's molecular biology and immunology lab is well equipped to carry genomic and proteomic research including provision
    to carry out contract-research as a CRO.

Biotechnology Training

  • Real Time Pcr(QRT-PCR)
    Real-time polymerase chain reaction or quantitative real time polymerase chain reaction (QRT-PCR), not to be confused with RT-PCR (reverse transcriptase PCR), can simultaneously quantify and amplify a specific part of a given DNA molecule. This technique avoids a number of steps that is normally part of regular PCR and thereby not only prevents human error but also minimizes errors in quantification. It is the “real-time” version of quantitative polymerase chain reaction (Q-PCR), itself a modification of polymerase chain reaction. At CMDN, this technique is our primary method of emerging disease monitoring and quantification.

  • Elisa & Western Blotting
    The Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay, or ELISA, is used as the standard biochemical technique in identifying a large number of infectious diseases. We have trained expertise in ELISA and other immunological techniques such as SDS PAGE and Western Blotting. With these techniques we can not only detect viral, bacterial and parasitic antigens but also cytokines profiles of various immune cells of the body that may at any time show indications of elevated immune response to a pathogen. We also have experts in applied sciences: microbiology, epidemiology, and bioinformatics; we have medical doctors in our team; we also have an excellent internet service team. We are able to provide training sessions in all of these areas subject to interest and demand.

Intrepid Nepal is innovative Biotechnology Company with bases in Canada (Intrepid Medtech) and Nepal (Intrepid Nepal) that is committed to provide Clinical Diagnostics tools and technologies, trainings on scientific platforms, sales and marketing as well as Research and Development activities. Intrepid Medtech Pvt. Ltd. continuously strives to bring cutting edge Biotechnology tools to developing countries.
We also specialize in providing molecular diagnostics clinical services for detection of various pathogens, including HIV, HPV, HBV,HCV, Avian Influenza and most other prevalent diseases caused by viral, bacterial, and parasitic causative agents. The motto of Intrepid Nepal’s Diagnostic branch is “Precision Diagnostics”. The long term goal of this organization is to be the center for all infectious disease diagnosis and research for Nepal in collaboration with Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal (CMDN). Due to demand from the academic sector, we have recently decided to initiate training programs for educational institutions, academics, students, technicians and other interested individuals on currently available immuno- and molecular- platforms at our facilities. To date, we have trained more than 50 individuals in SDS, ELISAs, PCRs, Real Time PCRs with the aid of our internal experts and also in some cases,experts from prestigious institutions such as Harvard Medical School.
Areas in which your institution and Intrepid Nepal can work together:
• Customized training sessions for students/teachers/technicians on any of our available platforms. The sessions can be a maximum of two weeks including lecture and discussion sessions. The quality of training will be very high and very intensive. Trainers from prestigious overseas academic institutions can also be invited for providing training.
• Design and implementation of curriculum to suit your institution’s academic requirement. For example, a semester worth of laboratory can be carried out using Intrepid’s equipment and technical knowhow. For this, we are prepared to equip your institution with specific technology and initial consumables. Detailed mechanism can be discussed separately upon request.
• Carry out undergraduate/ postgraduate research activities in collaboration with CMDN (, the partner research wing of Intrepid Nepal. We invite funded research activities. However, joint applications for funding can also be a possibility. A selected number of students can carry out some of the research activities at Intrepid facilities/ or at a venue selected by Intrepid to set up its academic research laboratories. This can also be achieved if a mutually beneficial agreement is reached to set up such a facility at your institution.
These are just some of the many areas where Intrepid Nepal can assist an academic institution reach its full potential in expert training and research activities. We are a new but well organized institution with a vision to provide the best services, no matter what areas those cover.